Stanozolol Cycle

The overview of the most popular books about a power supply shows that generally they are addressed to women. The same can be told also about journal articles: the majority of them, except for kulturistichesky editions, is turned to the fair sex. The emphasis on the diets urged to relieve you of excess fat is connected with that, how exactly in the general opinion the woman should look. This image is actively cultivated by mass media which occasionally very importunately impose us concept of a "ideal" female figure.
Fortunately, over stanozolol cycle the past few years the public ideal purchased more athletic lines. Similar approach is supported also with the scientific data showing that process of creation of muscles strengthens health of the woman. And not the last role in it is played by the fact that the bigger number of muscles accelerates a metabolism at rest, allowing to control fatty deposits more strictly.
The set of dry muscle bulk is provided with two components: training with burdenings and a power supply. However, for many women still remains a riddle what diet can be considered healthy. The majority of nutritsionist agree with the principles stated in Elisabeth Sommers's book "A power supply of the woman". The author declares that all diets developed for women should meet the following requirements:
Restriction of consumption of fats to 30% of the general kalorazh; from them no more than 10% should arrive from saturated fats.
Day-to-day consumption of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables, is desirable dark green vegetables and a citrus.
Day-to-day consumption of six portions of bread from whole grain and six portions of dishes from whole grain - as a source of cellulose and vitamins of a complex B. (As you will see further, cellulose is especially important for women.)
Day-to-day consumption at least three-four portions of food with the high content of calcium. These are dairy products, especially with low interest of fat content. Calcium is necessary for prevention of a disease, characteristic of women, - osteoporosis (thinning of bones). Osteoporosis is provoked by a lack of calcium in combination with the weakened synthesis of estrogen which helps bones to hold it. Though osteoporosis is considered a misfortune of the elderly women, at people predisposed more it begins to develop from 30 years.
Consumption of at least 2000 calories nutritsionalno dense food, but not useless products of "high technologies".
Alcohol intake restriction with five or less portions in a week. Alcohol makes paradoxical impact on women. First, in an organism of most of women the content of special hepatic enzyme (dehydrogenase alcohol) which metabolizes alcohol at men is not enough. Secondly, stanozolol cycle unlimited consumption of alcohol is connected with the increased risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, small portions of alcohol strengthen an insulinochuvstvitelnost and therefore consumers of light doses of alcoholic drinks usually look slightly more harmonously at women. And still, at women alcohol increases testosterone level whereas at men - on the contrary.
Consumption of smaller portions of food, but with a bigger frequency (this council suits also men).
Small portions support stable insulin level that slows down fat adjournment process even if calories it is consumed relatively much.
From the point of view of bodybuilding there is one more factor influencing fatty stocks - estrogen.

Estrogen control

Estrogen is the main female sex hormone provided in an organism by three types. The most powerful of them - a 17-beta estradiol. Men also produce estrogen, but in much smaller quantities if, of course, do not accept the certain pharmacological preparations (among which is anabolic steroids) converting testosterone into estrogen. Such conversion is normal happens to participation of ubiquitous enzyme of an aromataza. The man in whose organism too much estrogen is produced purchases separate female signs, for example, his breast can increase on female type (a so-called ginekomastiya). To put it briefly, estrogen is what does the woman by the woman. This hormone bears responsibility for characteristic female features: breast, figure and distribution of subcutaneous fat.
The last is especially important for composition of a female body. Recent researches showed that too high level of estrogen in the same degree causes predisposition of women to different stanozolol cycle types of cancer, as well as excess fatty deposits.